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The language of light

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Studies and treatment sessions

Dragon Workshops

We know dragons as mythological beings, but most of us don’t know that beyond the legends, dragons exist as seventh dimension beings who possess wondrous collective consciousness. They are willing to work with people who are  connected with them seeking healing, protection, and spiritual guidance for themselves and others. A one-time session that forges a lasting connection of activity and productivity.

Royal Gems

All gemstones and crystals have a color and energy that comes from a higher dimension than ours. They allow all of us to connect freely with their wonderful qualities, even without the physical presence of the gem, which is limited and influenced from earth’s gravitational force. Working with gemstones allows us all to return home, to the source from which we emerged on a personal level, and as human beings as a whole. I can help you on this journey. I’m currently the highest ranking Royal Gems teacher, and I can lead you all the way to enlightenment and to repair anything that is a struggle and requires a life change.

Light Language

Light Language is the language of consciousness. It is the manner in which everything operates, from the tiniest cell to the large, distant galaxies. Everything operates and reacts in the construct of shape and color. Mastering Light Language allows you to connect with the conscious knowledge to these constructs, and to create them wisely in your lives and in your environment. Light Language is the ultimate way to actualize reality, from the individual realm to the state realm. It is a powerful shamanistic technique taught in the program, and it is available to anyone brave enough to take this path.

Light Flowers

Light Flowers is my new baby, in both senses of the phrase. 

Hi, I’m Yifat. My youngest son Ilay (1½-year-old at the time) channeled a method of healing or repair to me that is in line with the needs of the future masters –  people born today who demonstrate a high level of sensitivity, channeling capabilities, and connection that most children lack.

So if you know that you have such a child, rest assured that there is a technique that can make their lives easier and help change the world to reflect their inner beauty and wisdom.


Names of God

The ancient Kabbalic wisdom of the names of God reaches its full height and beauty in the co-creation between God and men for the betterment of Mankind. This unique application of the sacred ancient knowledge is saved for those who have a very clean heart. Not everyone can enjoy the wondrous work of the names of God, and very few can reach the level of learning the secrets and being initiated into their worlds. If this work is calling you and echoes in your heart, do come and enter the path of holiness/ 

Healing Treatment

Healing heals the heart and addresses issues that have been weighing heavy on us for years, or perhaps, for several incarnations. It is the healing of the spirit in order to address issues that burden our presence and our life here on earth, and healing of the body and the painful or irritated areas of our body. My healing treatments include either a short or long process for healing anything troublesome on a personal or familial level, granting access to high, powerful energy that can help you solve life’s challenges on earth and beyond.

You’re welcome to sign up for clarifications, insight and updates.

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