About Yifat Zadok

יפעת צדוק שפת האור

My name is Yifat Zadok, and I’m an experienced healer and teacher of extraordinary, groundbreaking spiritual techniques, currently bringing the fuller spectrum of the 72 names of God’s vibrations into planet earth.

Light Language is the older, more familiar method, if we briefly set aside the general field of spiritual healing, which I incorporate in all my courses.

It is a basic spiritual technique, which I don’t know how I managed without for most of my life. It has exposed me to the geometrical structure of the universe; it has taught me how to think more succinctly, and how to reach fulfillment in a precise manner for me and for all my patients and acquaintances.

To this day, the ability to write a grid is a rare gift, in my opinion, although in light of the vast need for the new Royal Gems technique and my own gifts for humanity, I barely teach it anymore and focus on training teachers.

I came across Royal Gems by way of my teacher Joyce Stech, and the love story emerged from there. The gemstones and I have always shared this romance, but now, I don’t even need the actual gemstones for healing. It’s wonderful.

I teach a frequency of a gemstone, and the room is filled with its energy as if it were right here with us in a physical sense.

Royal Gems is the technique of the upcoming decade, in my view, and I’m glad to be in the leading team. It is the fastest path to enlightenment and healing that I know. No matter how many incarnations you have neglected your spiritual, emotional and mental development, you can still make great progress in your development using this simple, magical tool.

I was recently introduced to working with dragons and to the ability to connect students with their own dragons. I teach from my home in Holon and via Skype or Zoom so you can attend from everywhere. Joyce has a full course on dragons so if its the full class that you are seeking please contact her.

In this development there is the teachings of the Light Flowers, channeled information delivered to me by my youngest son  Ilay. It is offered as a workshop for Plants of Light connecting learners with the frequency of their family going even seven generations back plants as they are seen in the twelfth dimension, and in the way they are relevant to our lives here in the three-dimensional world.

In my private life, I’m a single mother raising my two beaming children of light, Ori and Ilay, in Holon near my parents. I see patients in my clinic near our home, and I teach in Holon via Skype.

My time restrictions result from my children taking precedence. In time, I will be able to expand my work schedule in accordance with the hours of my children’s various school systems and with my family’s needs.

As of September, my work day will be extended to 4pm, corresponding with my children’s school schedule.

My style is very informal, but this does not take away from my professionalism. I offer treatment and education options at a variety of levels and in a range of subjects.

As a healer, I am one of the fastest I know, although sometimes deeper processes require a series of up-close or distance treatment. The reward of development is so tangible that the emotional investment pays off substantially.

Contact me through the site or by phone at +972-52-5374456.
I will get back to you as soon as I have an opening in between treatments or courses.

Nice to meet you,


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