The 72 names of God – Vocal performance

 Many years ago I encountered a friend who used her free time to talk to her spiritual guides with a pendulum. One day she was instructed to open a book “Kabbalah in clear light” by Yigal Aricka to a page that talked about the 72 names of God in the teaching of Rabbi Abulafia in the 13th century.
There were clear instructions on that page to work with the 72 names in a specific way with full breath and head movements. I think it was 1995 and I had no prior knowledge of the 72 names of God or of the Kabbalic ‘Siddur’ that showed them.
With the help of Efrat Beit-Thalmi, my friend, I started to use the 72 names in the specific technique explained in the book in healing session or group meetings.
The work did wonders. Any and all attachments a person might have were cleared, any black magic or psychic attacks were released, energy blocks were opened and very high pure light came forward. I worked with them for a very long time long before I had the easier tools of The Language Of Light, Royal Gems, Theta healing and the like.
For many years I wanted to record the file as it is very inconvenient to do the entire 40 minutes process all over again every time, I kept hearing no. I dropped the idea entirely for ten years or so, until finally something changed and I was given the permission to record the file for the benefit of many.
Thanks to all the personal work I did, I’m strong enough to hold the vibration for everyone, and am very honored to offer this present to the world.

Here is the לאו name so you can feel the vibration.

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